Frequently Asked Questions

01: Why should you use skin care products with natural ingredients?
When you choose skin care products with natural ingredients, you have an additional level of reassurance about the origin of the materials in the product. All ingredients and final products adhere to the same thorough development standards and deliver benefits that are suitable for the needs of a wide variety of customers.

02: How can All-Natural Skincare products help our skin?
Natural organic ingredients such as Lavender essential oil, Aloe vera and Mango butter for example, are known to soothe, nourish, moisturise and promote smooth skin. Even though the results may be slow, organic skincare products are gentle on your skin and won't harm you in the long run.

03: What’s the difference between Organic Ingredients and Natural Ingredients?
All organic ingredients are natural. However, to achieve organic status, the production of natural plant ingredients must abide by strict standards – from land preparation, growth, and harvesting, to processing of the final material. This must be independently certified.

04: Where and how can I order your products?

Orders can be placed directly via our website

05: How can I view the ingredients of your products?
We believe that you have a fundamental right to know exactly what is contained in the products you are buying. Therefore, we disclose all ingredients in all of our products.

06: Which are the Certifications we hold? 
In addition to Drug and License 2022, Organic Certificate NOP2022, ISO-22716-2007GMP, ISO -9001-2015, and FDA certification, we also hold official certifications like ECOCERT.

07: What is the environmental impact of your packaging?
In an effort to minimize waste, we use all-natural materials in our packaging. In this way, you will not have to throw away any packaging material. This is because it will be beneficial for you, since when all the packaging is returned, you get points. This will allow you to purchase your next natural product.

08: How can I check the status of my order? 
You will receive a mail once your order has been placed.

09: What payment types do you offer?
Online payments through UPI, DEBIT CARD and COD are also available.

10: Can I ship the products to an address that is different from my billing address?
Yes, you can do this by filling in your address as the Billing address and the address you wish to ship it to, as the Shipping address.

11: What if I receive a damaged product?
A damaged product can be returned by following the steps in the return policy.

12: Can you help deliver products internationally?
Yes, some charges will be added for international shipping.