Unveiling Our Believes

We at 24cOr'belle believe in simple living and conscious purchasing. The Indian Hiamlaya (Himalayas) has the cleanest nature, the purest air, and the brightest water in the world. The forests offer a treasure trove of natural ingredients that are used in medicine, wellbeing and beauty. Against this backdrop 24cOr'belle has created a sustainable range of personal care products that pay homage to simple Nordic luxury and ecological standards.

The products are formulated using Nordic active ingredients, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Since our manufacturing facility is located in the foothills of the Himalayas, we source all ingredients locally, thereby reducing carbon footprints by cutting transportation.

  • Waterless: All of this is further enhanced by the fact that our products are waterless. No watering down the effect of nature, but instead ensuring the most effective formula possible. We have made sure that we will never compromise the quality of the product.
  • Sustainability and efficacy can co-exist: Recycled All this goodness is wrapped in packaging that is made from recycled cardboard. And the products themselves are in glass containers to avoid plastic waste. We want to inculcate the habit of recycling and a sense of responsibility among users.
  • Holistic: The brand is built on the simple pleasures of living along with holistic beauty. 

The formulations are designed in such a way that they will provide enjoyment and ensure wellbeing. We strive to create a special moment for the user while using the product. In every product we sell, we encourage the user to plant a tree by sending them seeds in a plantable card that connects them with nature. Furthermore, they are encouraged to return the packaging in order to maintain a circular economy and produce the least amount of waste possible. Only through these kinds of sustainable choices can we create true beauty. We are convinced that a sustainable planet is only possible by joining hands. If we create sustainability and if you choose to shop responsibly, together we can make a huge difference.